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The marketing campaign is a two-way partnership. Your company creates a connection with our commitments, contributes to the health and education of children and adolescents and meets its marketing goal; and Instituto Desiderata benefits from a percentage of sales or royalties. This campaign may be permanent or for a limited time and can also be a relationship with your customers and employees. For further information, please contact us by Email or telephone +55 (21) 2540-0066 / +55 (21) 3648-6092.

Instituto Desiderata has several collaborators who donate products or services that contribute to the maintenance of our activities. Do you have something to contribute? Contact us by Email or
telephone (21) 3202-6060.

Income Tax

Instituto Desiderata appreciates your cooperation and informs you that does not accept donations, whether of individuals or companies,

that have illegal or irregular origin. If any irregularity is identified, the amount donated will be reversed.

Instituto Desiderata is an OSCIP - Civil Society and Public Interest Organization under law no. 9.790 on March 23rd, 1999. Legal entities that file their income taxes according to their actual profits can make tax deductible donations to Instituto Desiderata. Contact us and request the account number and specific receipt. Thank you very much!